Communication can be described as an interactive exchange between two or more people, endowed with intentionality and a certain level of awareness, in which meanings are shared on the basis of symbolic and conventional systems, according to the culture of reference. Communication is a constitutive dimension of the social, cognitive, cultural and relational aspects of […]
When communication is not only constituted by the words that make up sentences or when is totally devoid of them, it takes the name of metacommunication, which is the communication act performed with factors other than or additional to the spoken language. Because the transmission of messages takes place in a different way from the […]
Research on communication models has shifted from linear models, which didn’t take into account the effects that the recipients of the message can send back to the sender (McQuail and Windhal, 1982), to circular models, such as the one theorised by Watzlawick et al. (1967). Circular models of communication consider communication as a circular process […]