The BoxPlay team of psychologists has developed a comprehensive set of assessments rooted in cognitive, behavioral, and emotional psychology, as well as neuroscience and communication research. These assessments are designed with the goal of identifying and providing valuable insights into the specific attributes individuals possess.  By taking the CQ: Communication Quotient™ assessments, individuals gain a deeper understanding of their habits, tendencies, and areas for development.

The scoring system developed by the BoxPlay team isolates various constructs related to CQ: Communication Quotient™ and distinguishes between different "types" of listeners, thinkers, and negotiators. The assessments focus on three key areas: Active Listening, Negotiation, and Critical Thinking. Each assessment is specifically designed to evaluate and measure the individual's skills, attitudes and preferences within these domains.

Drawing upon extensive research and expertise, the BoxPlay team has devised a scoring methodology and designed the assessments to capture various dimension of communication and the specific aspects of the CQ: Communication Quotient™ skills that are part of the CQ: Communication Quotient™ Integrated Model of Communication. The scoring system has been developed based on empirical evidence, theories of communication and a deep understanding of the complexities of human interaction.

By completing the assessments, individuals receive personalized feedback on their unique listening, negotiation, or thinking style. This feedback provides them with valuable insights into their strengths and areas for improvement in each respective area. The scoring system allows individuals to gain a more nuanced understanding of their communication style and enables them to tailor their development efforts to enhance their specific attributes and achieve greater proficiency in active listening, negotiation, or critical thinking skills.