CQ: Communication Quotient™ serves as a measure of an individual’s Communication Intelligence™. This metric provides valuable insights into one’s capacity to effectively transmit and comprehend information. As a measure, CQ is not a static attribute, rather it ebbs and flows, influenced by the context and circumstances. Within this framework, the concepts of “High” and “Low” CQ™ emerge, illustrating the fluid and dynamic nature of communication proficiency.

High CQ moments represent instances where individuals operate at the peak of their communication competence. In these moments, they can effortlessly connect, collaborate, and convey ideas with accuracy and efficiency.

Conversely, Low CQ moments indicate instances when communication falters, leading to misunderstandings, error, and conflicts. Recognizing these moments is pivotal for personal growth and communication enhancement.

Within this context, BoxPlay’s research has identified distinct “types” that offer archetypal representations of behaviors observed across essential CQ skills, such as Active Listening, Critical Thinking, and Negotiation. These types serve as illustrative models, shedding light on the commonalities among communicators who exhibit behaviors consistent with High or Low CQ. These types enable individuals to identify pitfalls and strengths within their CQ skills approach. By understanding these archetypes, individuals can become more aware of their communication tendencies and work towards improvement.

BoxPlay’s research has categorized High CQ communicators into three distinct archetypes: Active Listeners, Cognizant Negotiators, and Conscious Creative Critical Thinkers. Each of these types symbolize an ideal approach to active listening, critical thinking and negotiation, offering a rich tapestry of behaviors that characterize High CQ. These examples that have been developed within BoxPlay’s CQ training courses serve as models, highlighting the common traits shared by communicators when they demonstrate High CQ.

The CQ framework also delves into the realm of Low CQ archetypes, explaining the most common traits displayed when CQ is at its nadir within the domain of the different CQ skills.

BoxPlay has also developed questionnaires designed to assess an individual’s listening, thinking and negotiation style, aiding in the identification of their archetypes.

Understanding the dynamic spectrum of CQ, characterized by alternating High and Low CQ moments, is fundamental in the field of communication science. While sustaining a perpetually High CQ presents challenges, individuals can proactively enhance their communication skills through structured training and self awareness.

BoxPlay’s research insights facilitate the recognition of communication strengths and areas requiring improvement by providing glimpses into typical behaviors across different CQ skills.