The CQ: Communication Quotient™ series is a set of training programs designed to improve essential core skills for the future of work – including communication.

These innovative and immersive programs have been developed by Clare Munn alongside a team of psychologists, educators, neuroscientists and filmmakers to drive engagement through microlearning. Microlearning combines small learning units and short-term activities to promote long-term knowledge retention.

BoxMedia™ and Clare Munn developed this approach to workplace learning in response to the growing need for reskilling and upskilling in the modern workplace, and in new and emerging industries, and as part of Clare Munn’s wider trademarked program of CI: Communication Intelligence™ training – CQ: Communication Quotient™.  

In the CQ: The New IQ series, a data scientist embarks on experiments with communication strategies, targeting both AI robots and humans. Each experiment presents an opportunity for analysis, reflection, and interaction with the learning content, enabling the audience to expand their knowledge and cultivate a flexible Communication Mindset™. The overarching goal of the series is to bridge the intellectual (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ), emphasizing the significance of heightened self-awareness and the integration of both the analytical and methodical left brain hemisphere, as well as the creative and artistic right hemisphere. Through observing the data scientist's endeavors, viewers can enhance their communication skills and acquire valuable insights into effective communication techniques.

BoxPlay has developed the following courses to improve your CQ: Communication Quotient™: Active Listening: How to be an Effective Communicator, Critical Thinking: How to Develop Critical Thinking Skills and Negotiation: How to Improve Your Negotiation Skills. These courses all feature in the series, CQ: The New IQ (Communication Bundle).