Communication Quotient (CQ) is the bridge between EQ and IQ. It exists in the space between your intelligence and your emotions and helps you understand how to express your ‘communication intelligence’.
The development of CQ as a theory and a concept can be traced back to the challenging of IQ as fully explaining cognitive ability in 1983, by Howard Gardner with his Theory of multiple intelligences. In Gardner’s view, traditional types of intelligence, such as IQ, fail to fully explain cognitive ability. The development of CQ […]
The Times of India in 2005 , in an article entitled A Shift from IQ, referred to CQ as an ability multi-national corporations were testing for amongst Indian graduates. In 2005 Craig Harrison in Improving Your Communication Quotient™ described CQ skills specifically in terms of workplace communication. In 2007 Clare Munn defined CQ as “Expressive […]